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Achieve Financial Freedom

Achieve Financial Freedom

Achieve Financial FreedomAchieve Financial Freedom

Achieve Financial Freedom

Achieve Financial Freedom

Achieve Financial FreedomAchieve Financial FreedomAchieve Financial Freedom


About Us



Mentor Financial Advisory Group, Ltd. is an independent, fee-only financial planning and investment advisory firm that specializes in providing comprehensive financial planning services to physicians and other professionals.

Fee-only financial planning professionals do not sell financial products, nor do we represent product distributors such as insurance companies or investment brokers.  Our only source of compensation is the consulting fees we receive from clients.  Because we have eliminated the conflict of interest that is present in most relationships with financial planners, our client is assured that recommendations are unbiased, objective, and with the client's best interests in mind.



Mentor Financial provides services that allow clients to fully address their financial goals and concerns. We help clients:

  • Analyze personal financial goals and provide written plan of action to achieve them.
  • Develop tax-planning strategies to shelter income and minimize federal and state income taxes.
  • Evaluate employee benefit plans and determine how to get the most out of them.
  • Save and invest on a regular basis toward financial goals such as funding an education, starting a business, buying a home.
  • Monitor and review their investment portfolio.
  • Assess exposure to the risk of loss income due to premature death or disability and evaluate current insurance plans.
  • Identify the appropriate size and place for a cash reserve that may be used for emergencies or opportunities.
  • Manage debt effectively.
  • Provide for the orderly distribution of the estate, minimizing taxes and other costs.



Gigi Coligado has worked in the financial advisory industry since 1990. She started her career with IDS Financial Services, and founded Mentor Financial in 1992.  She specializes in working mainly with physicians and professionals.  She graduated from University of Dallas with a B.A. in Chemistry, and earned a M.B.A. in Finance with honors from University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas.

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